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About us?

Offer an authentic and innovative product that generates a unique experience for our visitors. Promote the conservation of our culture and our environment.

To be a leading tourism operation company at a national and international level, characterized by
the responsibility of its members in the performance of their work, as well as the quality
of their work.
Promote harmony between environmental conservation and tourism development within a
framework of sustainability, which contributes to improving the quality of life of the community.


- Respect for all forms of life
- Promote cultural exchange
- Equity Community well-being
- Promote local culture
- Protection of biodiversity

Environmental Councils:
- Follow the instructions given by the guide during the tour.
- Do not feed the animals.
- Do not extract plants or animals.
- Always stay on the path or place established.
- Do not touch: animals, branches, trunks or plants within the place where the activity takes place.
- Respect signage.
- No littering.
- Do not ingest alcoholic beverages.
- No smoking within the area established for the realization of the tour.
- Do not use mosquito repellent inside the plantation.

We promote sustainability through:
- Environmental education
- Protection of our natural resources.
- Support in programs and companies that promote sustainability.
- Promoting a traditional product such as cocoa and rescuing our traditions.
- Supporting the small business owner


RAINFOREST CHOCOLATE TOUR rejects under any dimension the use, promotion or any type of activity of sex trade, prostitution or drug dealing.

Costa Rica and our company have zero tolerance in relation to sexual practices with minors and we accept the current law that calls for the complaint, we condemn those who use tourism and the facilities and services it offers. promote, facilitate or tolerate the occurrence of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Girls, Boys and Adolescents.

In virtue of the foregoing, RAINFOREST CHOCOLATE TOUR and all its personnel, is committed to take the appropriate measures to protect minors. For more information

General Information

Telephones: (506) 8474-4007 and (506) 2479-0090


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